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Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Dates for the three modules:

Module 1 - April 18-24

Module 2 - June 18-24

Module 3 - October 22-28

Daily schedule is 9am - 5:30pm

Fees include taxes. 

Meditation seat

Delve into the teaching of yoga (mind), ayurveda (body), and tantra (lifeforce). 

Explore ancient wisdom and how to apply it to your busy modern life. 

A day of practices, lectures, food and community to serve your body, mind and soul.  This event is suitable for all levels.

You’ll leave with a framework and the desire for personal practice - and tools to help!

Why attend?

  • To give yourself a pre-holiday season gift.
  • To explore new approaches to exploring yoga.
  • To gain some practical tools for your own practice.
  • To participate in a fun-filled learning environment.

Who should attend?

Shanit Retreat image

June 9 - arrive by 5pm
June 12 - depart at 1:30pm


This year's annual Shanti retreat is all about Tantra!

There is much curiosity and misinformation about Tantra.  Tantra is an amazing worldview, science, and philosophy that helps us to understand our purpose and release the binding forces that keep us from realizing our true potential.

Many erroneously associate Tantra exclusively with activities of the carnal nature. This is an extremely narrow and misguided understanding of these teachings.  

Inertia picture

At various points in our life we may find ourselves feeling stuck, like we’re in a rut, or that we can’t seem to get things accomplished. Inertia can take on many forms, it’s not just the withdrawn individual sitting in front of his computer or television and forgetting that there is a “real” world out there. It can be more subtle. It may feel like we are simply going through the motions of life, not really being an active agent in our journey, working to pay the bills, to  keep others happy, staying in relationships that have long since served their purpose, staying in a toxic job and counting down the years to retirement, being pessimistic, procrastinating about getting things done, etc.

Image of moon

The science of hatha yoga starts with some very basic but often overlooked principles. I had been doing hatha yoga for many years before any teacher mentioned the fact that the word hatha is derived from two roots: “ha” and “tha”.  The “ha” part represents the sun or “surya” side of the hatha equation.  The “tha” part represents the moon or “chandra” aspect.  From a hatha yoga perspective we are a combination of these solar and lunar energies. A lot of the physical yoga that is practiced today addresses the solar aspect. This is an imbalanced approach.

(Remember all the modern styles of yoga are simply variations of how to practice hatha yoga, hatha itself is not a style.)

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