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khahuraho Sadhana Immersion

(repost from Himalayan Institute/ Yoga International)

If you’re visiting Yoga International, chances are you’re already on a spiritual journey of your own, but have you ever thought about deepening this journey with a spiritual pilgrimage to India? 

HI Total Health Revolution

Total health for Cameroon

In Cameroon the average life expectancy is 52 years. What is even more shocking is that 134,000 children will die before the age of five due to diseases which are symptoms of poverty and are highly preventable. We are committed to helping 320,000 people in remote regions of Bui, Cameroon, work towards better health. Our Total Health Program provides health clinics and wide-scale community health education which address these root causes head on. We serve the most remote villages which are otherwise cut off from health services, and we are challenging you to get involved.

Eco Excursion to Cameroon

Join Himalayan Institute's Eco-Service Excursion to Cameroon and put your yoga into action by volunteering while exploring the vibrant cultures of Cameroon. This trip is a unique blend of service, cultural immersion, self-study, and adventure. Small group travel: 10 seats remaining; register today.

Pandijt Rajmani Tigunait will share key insights on social development and how we can use this Eco-Service experience as a catalyst in our own journey of self-transformation. Pandit Tigunait is Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute, a prolific author, and the motive force behind the Himalayan Institute Humanitarian Projects.

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Many of us lead very busy lives in these modern times. We multi-task in ways that just a couple decades back were not imaginable. We are over extended, over committed, and overwhelmed by our obligations and the expectations we place upon ourselves. We’ve even created political and economic choices that result in most of us working longer hours or multiple jobs just to keep up.

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Through our physical practice of yoga we begin to better understand the biomechanics and energetics of our body. Over time practice may build strength, stamina, stability and flexibility in our bodies. Unfortunately, we are not always taught how to do certain postures, or even categories of postures, in a way that helps us stabilize and strengthen. Without this awareness we often find ways of compensating, which I like to call “yoga cheating”; we use release valves which are compensatory mechanisms in our bodies that kick in when we are unable to stabilize a part of the body.

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How do you experience joy?

Chances are that you can identify some activities, memories, or experiences that made you feel joy. Things like connecting with nature in all her splendor and getting away from the fixings of our modern lives, being in the company of people you love, or doing an activity that warms your heart, are examples. What you identified is likely joy that was created by an external source. While these experiences are important in our lives, the tradition of yoga teaches that if we grow attached to them (raga) or conversely avoid or dislike other experiences (dwesha), we set the stage for suffering - wanting more of this, avoiding that.

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Most people think of yoga as a form of exercise where flexibility is a must and without it you’re out of luck. First, one doesn’t need to be flexible to begin the yoga journey, rather physical flexibility comes as a result of practice. Second, and more importantly, it is the flexibility of mind that allows us to explore the larger picture of yoga and really begin to change our lives.  One of the fruits of an integrated practice is our ability to build willpower and resolve so that we can become a mighty force in life.

Note: this module is delivered over two weekends

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