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Wednesdays 10-11:30 am

Roxanne welcomes students of all levels to this class.

It is a classical blend of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation sequenced intelligently with the goal of inspiring a healthy body and to cultivate a clear, peaceful mind bringing us in touch with our spirit.

Classes incorporate mantra, pranayama, yogic techniques and meditation.


Drop-in - $16
10-class card - $145

Register on this page or pay Roxanne (cash, cheque or credit card) when you attend class. 

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FREE May 1 - June 26

Join Loren for this community building experience.

The tradition of yoga speaks to sangha, or community.

We build community through traditional yoga practices, including meditation.

These sessions will involve exploration of various techniques leading into a group meditation.

We will wrap put the evening with tea and treats

Loren’s been waiting to offer this for a while; the timing is right!

yoga class savasana

Fridays, May 6 - June 24

Wrap up your week and welcome the weekend with Loren by practicing deep, systematic relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique for transformative healing.

The class will include a short asana sequence followed by approximately 30 minutes of Nidra. 

Each week will feature a different Nidra focus and a different practice. 

Relaxation is what most of us need more of, as we are very ill-equipped for it. 

While I was in India I took time to reflect and document my experiences. My trip included visiting Varanasi, Khujaraho, Trivandrum, and Delhi. 

I tried to capture some of the highlights, but not sure if this will be an overly inspired read. Hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Fees include taxes

Dates for the three modules:

Module 1 - April 18-24

Module 2 - June 18-24

Module 3 - October 22-28

Daily schedule is 9am - 5:30pm

Fees include taxes. 

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June 9 - arrive by 5pm
June 12 - depart at 1:30pm


This year's annual Shanti retreat is all about Tantra!

There is much curiosity and misinformation about Tantra.  Tantra is an amazing worldview, science, and philosophy that helps us to understand our purpose and release the binding forces that keep us from realizing our true potential.

Many erroneously associate Tantra exclusively with activities of the carnal nature. This is an extremely narrow and misguided understanding of these teachings.  

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