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The power of Yoga never ceases to amaze me. We come to Yoga for any number of reasons - to get fit, to work on an achey and tired body, to become energized, to get centred, etc. Some of us even have an inkling that Yoga offers more than physical benefits and want to explore those. Many others will only be awakened to this aspect of Yoga once  immersed in practice and having found a qualified teacher.

Over the years I've been astounded by the impact that particular practices have. With the ParaYoga Master Training (PYMT) certification we explore a number of Tantra-based practices, many of which we are required to undertake for a set period to experience their potency and tranformational qualities.  These teachings are not what you'll find in any fancy yoga periodical, save for perhaps Yoga International, or yoga books at your local bookstore. They are techniques that have been handed down over centuries from teacher to student.

As a practitioner and teacher the countless hours of practice that I do and the various techniques I explore are not simply for my personal unfoldment, but to build my shakti (power/potential) to be of service to others. This service happens in a number of ways - through my connection with students in classes, by working one-on-one with individuals, and by leading trainings. All of this under the guidance and tuitalage of my teacher and the Sages of the lineage.

Last year I completed a potent training series called Living Tantra led by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PhD,  my teacher's Guru. In this training Panditji unveiled some potent teachings to our group, some for the first time in this type of forum. As you may know, many of the techniques associated with the Yoga tradition were for centuries only shared with initiated students. Mostly this is because the potency of the techniques which when embarked upon by someone who has not done the requisite preparation can result in more harm than good.  However much of this approach has been discarded with the proliferation of Yoga in the West; some teachers have taken liberties with the teachings and shared them for broader public consumption - be they prepared or not. An ill-prepared student can't receive the fruits of a practice for which they are not ready. 

Panditji was not being a renegade in offering up these teachings. In fact of anyone he is a living example of the tradition of Yoga, honouring its every precept. It was some 30 years ago that Swami Rama, his Guru, introduced Panditji to a practice that he only recently completed. This practice is what gave Panditji the right to share specific techniques with more students of the lineage. The effect is to help us all in this time of darkness, Kali Yuga; we can draw on these techniques to bring us back to a state of grace and light.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because one aspect of these techniques is to harness our prana shakti and target it externally to a particular individual, event or situation. Those of you familiar with energy work or alternative healing methodologies will understand this. For others it may seem like a stretch. If that's the case do more practice and you will burn through that doubt; belief systems are mental constructs - maya - our illusion of what's real and what's not.

Let me pull all this together, but I have to add one more layer.  My sister, whom I admire dearly, has been going through a rough patch for a few years having left a successful corporate communications career after burning out. When I visited over the holiday season I was both moved and rattled by her situation. As the Universe would have it, early in January I started working with one of the PYMT practices which has a multi-layered dimension culminating in sending unconditional healing to an event, situation or individual. I chose to send this healing energy to my sister who I knew would benefit from an infusion of shakti.  During the weeks of the practice when it came to sending out this force to my sister I initially felt a strong resistance at her end.  The instruction for this is to not force or impose the energy but simply to send it, it is up to the recipient to be open to a shift. (My sister was not aware that I was doing this practice on her behalf).  Over the weeks I felt less resistance and at times a trustful surrender.  I knew it was working on some level. The practice wrapped up a couple weeks ago.

I was speaking with my Mom the other night who informed me that my sister had accepted a job. Wow, could it be! I contacted my sister to find out about it.  She described the process as a slow one that happened quickly; her initial application was not responded to and she assumed it to be rejected. Only two weeks ago - around the time that the Unconditional Healing practice was wrapping up - she received notice that not one but two interested managers would be interviewing her for different positions. She did her due diligence and preparation and excelled in the interviews.  A job offer was made quite literally within hours.

Those who are filled with doubt, pessimism and uncertainty will likely not see the correlation or view it as mere coincidence. It is clear to me that the prana my sister was unwittinlgy receiving reached her. It is Grace that delivered it. Remember, energy does not operate in the construct of time and space, it simply is. With this infusion of life force my sister's true nature began to shine again; she shone at the interview, her potential (shakti) was quickly recognized and she was hired.

I am happy to report that she loves the dynamic new workplace and is looking forward to working in a creative team environment, contributing in her own unique way to affecting positive change to the people she works with and serves.

Healing takes on many forms, from the gross to a more subtle realm. Yoga is a vehicle for healing.  It offers up so many amazing techniques, but you need a teacher/guru to link you with with the right ones. There is no one-size-fits-all yoga, despite the popularity of group physical classes.  When we allow ourselves to move beyond the physical benefits of Yoga, its real depths of reach and healing become more clear.






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Loren, I love reading your blogs! You overwhelm me with your knowledge! I could take your teacher training every weekend. I am so fortunate to have you as my teacher.
Thank You!

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