300-hr Advanced Certification

300-hour Yoga Training

Loren Crawford Yoga 300-hour Training is a certification program that is your gateway to self mastery. This may sound lofty, but we must remember that the tradition of yoga is thousands of years old; many techniques were developed by the Sages to help us in our personal unfoldment, most of which remain unknown to modern day yoga practitioners and teachers.

The modern exercise approach to yoga is limited in its reach, but is definitely our entry point.  The 300-hour training promises to take you further. It is designed for those aspiring to become excellent teachers, rising above populist physical yoga. It is also for the seeker, someone who is curious about the amazing work of the Sages and who wants to apply this wisdom to their daily lives. 

Loren's 300-hour training offers participants teachings as shared by my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, of ParaYoga and his teacher, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute.

While 200-hour certifications give us a basic foundation, most are very asana focused, giving short shrift to the larger yoga story. 300-hour training takes you there. It is a Yoga Alliance-recognized certification program designed for those who already hold a 200-hour certification. Loren's 300-hour training draws on the concept of adhikhara (a progession of teachings as the student is ready), so we build a stronger yoga foundation that excel our own journey and those of our students.

The focus is on deepening the participant’s knowledge of yoga including awareness, understanding, application and ability to share more advanced techniques.  It is not about modern styles of hatha yoga or limited therapeutic applications; it is a complete package for holistic yoga and healing.

5 Modules: (click on links to content of each module; the modules with scheduled dates have that information on the respective pages, those without this information will have dates scheduled in the future)

Sequencing - Wise Progression
Prana Shakti
Yoga Sutras and Tantra
Kundalini Shakti
Joyful Yoga

To become certified, students will:

  • Complete all five 5-days modules which will be offered once per year
  • Choose their own pace for completing the modules, there is no timeframe for their completion
  • Choose the order in which they take the modules (though numbered for identification purposes, they need not be taken sequentially)
  • Attend all course hours for certification, unless other arrangements have been made
  • Complete a book report for each module
  • Complete 2 class plans for each module (the Joyful Yoga module is an exception) 
  • Write a take-home final examination once all five modules and assignments are completed

Fees have been set at very competitive rates relative to other trainings.

  • Individual modules - $650* (early registration) $700* (regular registration)
  • Advance payment all modules - $2800* (receive a 20% discount - one module free)

*HST will be added to all fees

Payment plans are available, a small administration fee of 5% will be added

Subsidies are available to eligible trainees.

If you have any questions  check the FAQ section where some specific questions are posed, or please contact Loren





Excellent depth of study

Loren teaches a style of yoga which, using simple asana in combination with moderated practice tempo, breath techniques and visualization, produces profound meditative and transformative experiences. A passionate student himself, you always are left wondering if there is yet another depth to the practice behind the next door, and there always is. He leaves you with ownership of your own practice, and the tools to tailor your practice to your own needs. As a yoga teacher, the Power of Yoga Program has given me enormous confidence in the yoga I teach, my own students love this yoga, and my classes are full.

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