Loren Crawford Yoga 200-hr Training and Certification Program

Sri Yantra

2015 dates:

Module 1 - April 20-26
Module 2 - June 22-28
Module 3 - October 3-9

Are you ready to take your interest and knowledge of
Yoga to new levels?

Would you like to learn about the Tradition of Yoga
and bring this knowledge into your life?

Are you aspiring to grow and share the teachings with others?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions Loren Crawford Yoga 200-hour Training and Certification Program may work for you.

The focus of this unique 200-hour training and cerfication is:

  • Developing a solid foundation in Yoga through curriculum and mentorship 
  • Providing guidance and direction in your personal practice using the traditional teacher to student model
  • Sharing the ParaYoga  principles of sequencing, which emphasize safety and intelligent progression, to help you excel as a teacher in meeting both the students' wants and needs
  • Building an understanding of the Tradition of Yoga and how to weave it into the modern physical approach of Yoga
  • Inspiring you to become a serious student of the Tradition of Yoga and not get lost in the trends and styles of modern-day Yoga
  • Applying what we learn through the philosophy and application of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda to our everyday lives so we can live our Yoga, not just "do" Yoga


"Teaching Yoga is more than teaching poses. A good Yoga Teacher recognizes the potency of various techniques and knows how and when to apply them. We learn to understand new techniques in our personal practice before we share with students.

Graduates from my program will be well on their path to Self Mastery by the time they complete the training. This is a life-long journey for each of us. My commitment is to continue to work with you for the Tradition of Yoga is one of teacher to student transmission."

Loren Crawford

The training is offered in three modules that are seven days in length providing a sense of immersion.
These full day sessions will be grouped as follows:

Module 1: Understanding Yoga

Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, intro to Tantra (Hatha Yoga Pradipika), intro to Classic Yoga (Yoga Sutra), fundamentals of Hatha Yoga, anatomy of Hatha Yoga, Yoga asana introduction, and meditation

Module 2: The Practice of Yoga

Yoga psychology, subtle anatomy, Yoga asana continued, introduction to sequencing, energetics of Yoga, meditation, pranayama, bandhas, mantra, principles of teaching, teaching methodology, the language of Yoga, group class assessment, and practice teaching

Module 3: Application of Yoga

Yoga asana continued, teach practicums, communicating effectively, teaching for common conditions, working with individuals, ethics, the business of Yoga, and Yoga nidra

Loren Crawford Yoga 200-hour Training and Certification Program offers:

  • Yoga Alliance recognized curriculum
  • A comprehensive approach that focuses on personal development and practice
  • Connection to the knowledge, wisdom and application of Hatha Yoga and Tantra techniques as shared through the Himalayan Tradition by Swami Rama, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Rod Stryker
  • Personal support and mentorship by one of Ottawa's most learned Yoga teachers
  • A reasonable fee structure including free classes with Loren for the duration of the training
  • The opportunity to study and practice in a unique environment
  • To study Hatha Yoga and Tantra as the foundation for techniques and practices which will excel your personal practice and enhance your role as a teacher 


Your role as a student of the Loren Crawford Yoga 200-hour Training and Certification Program:

  • Seeing Yoga as a holistic system that is more than poses, exercise, or styles - your desire is to build an understanding of the Yoga Tradition and to live it
  • Mandatory attendance at all trainings 
  • Meeting with Loren to receive personal practice and discuss any arising issues; being open to this mentor process
  • Completion of any quizzes, assignments and a take-home final exam
  • Delivery of three class practicums which include group feedback
  • Where possible assisting Loren in classes or workshops 


If you are looking for a teacher training program, please do your research.

Ask yourself: Does the program give you the skills you need to achieve excellence as a yoga teacher?

The most popular yoga training programs may not be the best fit for your needs.

Questions to consider:

  • Do those offering the training study with a teacher?
    In the tradition Yogis study with a teacher to continue to deepen their knowledge and transmission of the teachings.
  • Is the training lineaged-base or is it a smattering of teachings?
    Through lineage depth of knowledge flows and is is tested over time.
  • How many are registered in the training? Will you receive the individual attention you deserve if it is a larger group?
  • Will there be quality one-on-one time?
  • What is their approach to teacher training?
  • How are you assessed on your comprehension of the content?
  • Will you leave with the skills necessary to be a strong teacher?

Yoga training is an important commitment of your time and energy. Make sure that you choose wisely as it will inform your understanding of Yoga and shape the next part of your journey.


Your investment in Loren Crawford Yoga
200-hour Training and Certification:

Full fee - $2500+hst
(Early registration receives 10% discount)

Pay-by-module - $850+hst
(Due at commencement of each module)


Provided texts: The Heart of Yoga, TKV Desikachar,
Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita, Swami Rama

Loren's Scholarship application:

I am offering a scholarship of up to half the tuition to individual(s) who qualify. 
Complete this


Although only part way through my journey, I can attest to the transformative work that this 200 hour training can have.  I am finding clarity, balance and health through my practice, and am being inspired to do more.
Jennifer G

Loren teaches the ancient teachings and tradition of yoga in a way that is relevant to North American life in the 21st century.
Jennifer K

I welcome your questions and want you to be successful on your Yoga path and as a teacher, if that’s your calling.  Contact Loren to find out more.


Register here and receive additional information about the 2014 training as it becomes available. This is a non-obligatory registration.


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