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Loren Crawford 200-hour yoga training and certification
200-hour Yoga Training 2016

Loren Crawford Yoga offers a unique, lineage-based, 200-hour training and teacher certification. Reasonable fees and quality instruction.

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The Time for Tantra Yoga is Now - a ParaYoga Retreat

June 9 - 12, Wolf Island

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Sequencing - Wise Progression

5-day training, March 19-23

Loren Crawford is Canada's first ParaYoga certified teacher. He offers yoga to Ottawa and online communities: yoga classes, yoga workshops, 200-hr and 500-hr yoga teacher training, online yoga classes, mentorship and yoga therapy. Loren strives to weave the teachings of the tradition of yoga into the modern physical approach for a unique and powerful experience. [ learn more ]


Loren Crawford 200-hour yoga training and certification
300-hour Yoga Training
Wednesday night yoga with Loren
Saturday morning yoga

Recent blog posts

Inertia picture
Moving out of Inertia
We can use a number of different techniques from the yoga tradition to get ourselves unstuck. Inertia can be present in the most subtle of ways, breaking through it can set our life on a completely different course.
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Lunar Yoga - the other side of Hatha
Most modern yoga is solar/sun which is activating and stimulating. A balanced approach to practice necessitates more lunar/moon energy.
Efficiency image
Efficiency - Doing More with Less
This blog explores ways that we can become more efficient by doing less. Efficiency is a cornerstone of Tantra.
back picture
Anatomy and the Lumbar Spine
This blog focuses on the anatomy of the spine and how through intelligent use of asana (poses) and other techniques we can build a strong and healthy lower back. The subtle anatomy of the spine is discussed and how it relates to our higher self and spiritual growth.
Joy image
Experiencing More Joy
This blog focuses on the theme of practicing to establish more joy in our life. There are various techniques the yoga traditions provides to arrive at greater joy.
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Building Resolve
This blog focuses on the theme of building resolve and willpower. It discusses various techniques the yoga traditions provides to build resolve, then leads students through a practice that models building resolve. As we deepen our connection through yoga we can build greater willpower.

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