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Loren Crawford is Canada's first ParaYoga certified teacher. He offers yoga to Ottawa and online communities: yoga classes, yoga workshops, 200-hr and 500-hr yoga teacher training, online yoga classes, mentorship and yoga therapy. Loren strives to weave the teachings of the tradition of yoga into the modern physical approach for a unique and powerful experience. [ learn more ]


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Recent blog posts

From Expectations to Equanimity - A Life of Practice
New Years is a good time of the year for reflection and resolutions. Committing to personal practice is one way to create the change you may be yearning for.
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Thanksgiving and Gratitude
I am grateful for my life, my teacher, my family and friends...and Tofurky! Happy Thanksgiving!
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Growing through study and community
One of the important teachings of Yoga is to find and thrive in community. Sangha is the coming together of like-minded seekers to do just that!
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Do you know your purpose?
Many of us never stop to ask why we are here. But a yearning for purpose may be at the root of our unhappiness. Yoga can help.
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Time to Quit!
Don't worry, I will never quit Yoga! It is my life and my dharma after all. But is time to quit another shenanigan of popular yoga. First it was commercial yoga centres. Now the teachers' Facebook page. Oh my!
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Yoga Conferences, More than Crass Commercialism
I'm not a fan of the yoga extravaganza and in that I include such things as "Yoga on the Hill" and yoga conferences. However, there is something to be said for these events.
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Healing Yourself AND Others
Yoga offers up a range of techniques that not only allow us to heal our own bodies, minds and spirits, but to use that shakti to heal others.
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2013 - Make it Your Year
Using techniques of the yoga and tantra traditions we can powerfully affect our futures. Connect with your Self Essence and begin to shine.
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Healing for the Holidays
The holiday season is supposed to be filled with joy, giving and celebrations. Yet is often brings up unresolved issues and emotions. Healing is necessary for us to grow beyond the pain of our past.
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Tis the Season of Gift Giving
One of the most amazing gifts that we have is the gift of breath. Understanding how to consciously use this gift can profoundly change our lives.
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